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Headlight Wiring Configuration Help !


Headlight Wiring Configuration Help !

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    Headlight Wiring Configuration Help !

    I have a full H.I.D. Kit and its rather easy to setup....however I have one problem... The wiring from the ignitor is....


    Stock Harness is Dual Positive
    Red w/Green Stripe- ?
    Red w/Yellow Stripe- ?

    I need to know which red positive wire powers the low beam, as I dont want to power the High Beam, and not be able to power the fogs.
    Red w/Green or Red w/Yellow for Low Beam ?

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    Get yourself a Chilton manual

    Anywho, according to it:

    RED/GREEN = High beam left headlight
    RED/YELLOW = Low beam left headlight

    RED/WHITE = Low beam right headlight
    RED/BLUE = High beam right headlight

    Of course, black is ground

    Are you using an HID kit on stock teg headlights? If you haven't researched it, be forwarned that the light won't difuse out of it properly. Of course, they will still work. I'm just saying. Getting a set of projectors is well worth the money because the output, and looks, are great!

    I don't have any pics up yet of my headlights after my HID install, but all I can say is it's 10x better then any lighting I've ever had on any of my tegs with whatever headlights I had installed, or bulbs I used. I'm def completely happy

    If you do have a set of projectors, then ignore everything I said, and have fun!

    -- Kevin


      Thanks Kevin....gonna install now....will upload pics tonight.......


        I just rewired my hid in my projector 1 pieces. It was a bitch. But worth it. check it out.

        hope ya like


          I'm curious to see pics of your guys headlights output. Meaning if you pull up like 30 feet from a wall, or are on an open street, or driving down the road. I'de like to see directly what it looks like with HIDs not installed in a projector type light.

          Also, what kits did you guys use? Retro, custom, etc etc?

          And last, what K bulbs did you use?

          Just curious so I can compare the differences/similiarities with mine. I'm always open to improvement

          -- Kevin

          Oh, and I swear sometime soon I'll get around to taking pics of my HIDs in my projectors for reference too. The pics on my site are before the HID install so they aren't nearly as bright, of course, as to what the HIDs are


            Here are some Pics of my new HID System......let me know what everyone thinks.....Xenon lighting is so bright and safe......everyone should switch over from Halogens....once you go HID WONT go back....

            Running a Custom Setup w/Glare Shield etc.......

            Kelvin Temp- Lets see if you can tell....hehe


              mmmm nice!


                Thanks.....Im loving this kit only uses 8.5 amps at startup so their is no need to run relays.....hardest part is mounting the ballast and ignitor....after that....its simple....


                  Makin us suck!

                  It's difficult to tell from the pics, but if I look strictly at the pics of the color on the road...I'de guess 5200k.

                  But then again, some of the pics look like the 7000k.

                  So let me know then after some other poeple guess or something

                  I'll get pics of mine then sometime and you can try and guess mine, lol.

                  -- Kevin


                    Hehe.......I wont make you wait.....its running at 8000k......seems brighter than most 8k kits though....but the Xenon bulbs were who knows....perhaps they will change after they burn in some not complaining em either way

                    Lets see some pics of your lights now......see if I can get yours right