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Multiple Passenger side issues...Connected???


Multiple Passenger side issues...Connected???

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    Multiple Passenger side issues...Connected???

    This summer I got a '91 LSS and have had a couple of problems since I got it.

    Took me a while to notice as they are on the pass side, but I am wondering if they could be connected somehow...

    My shoulder belt does not open, though if it is disco-ed the light will come on.
    My speaker does not work, before or after I upgraded it.
    My window switch does not function. Works from the drivers main.

    Is there something simple I can check that would encompass all three problems at once? I'm thinking like a ground for the pass side or a junction box in the kickpanel or something?

    Search revealed some individual info to check, but I am wondering if there is one root to all three problems.

    yea Iam not sure thats werid, was it always broken?

    The seatbelts you sohuld take to the dealerships and have them fix it, they should do it for free(right? (I don't know for sure))

    The speaker in your pass side door probly is cut out somewhere, the wires from your amplifiers are simly not connected together or the speakers are simply dead. If you remove your headunit you can use a 1.5v battery on the + and - terminals of your spk and see if it makes a slight noise(this won't hurt your speakers)

    As far as your window switch not working, the actual switch could be bad, old and corroded, there is something in the teg tip that fixes old window switches.